Tips for Dental Health Care Baby

Dental care involves taking good care of the teeth, gums and mouth-related structures. Dental care includes prevention and treatment of diseases of the gums and teeth, and also the replacement or repair of defective teeth. In many cases, people may suffer from dental diseases due to laziness and lack of knowledge towards proper dental care, with most children and sometimes adults who often do not pay enough attention to attention teeth. They do not realize that the teeth and gums is very important to keep it safe and sound. Proper dental health is not only important to our healthy physical appearance, but is essential to the welfare of the whole body.

Healthy teeth begins in the womb, is so caring certain aspects during pregnancy, woman helping your child have a good dental health in the future. From the tenth week of gestation, begins the formation of dental structures. It is from there that by following these tips for dental health care baby is possible to preserve the quality of their teeth throughout their lives.

 Tips for Dental Health Care Baby

 Tips for Dental Health Care Baby

The first is to monitoring the medications taken, as some can affect oral health of the child. Tetracyclines, taken during the second half of pregnancy, can cause yellowing graying of the teeth and enamel deficiencies.

Practices such as diving, climbing or the like, may interfere with the proper oxygenation, which affects some structures like teeth.

If your diet in pregnancy is rich in calcium teeth and bones of the child, while also contributing to the development of the muscles, heart and clotting factors.

Whenever possible x-rays should be avoided as they can cause birth defects, including dental radiographs, and one of the structures that may be affected are those of the teeth.

Alcohol is a factor for potential defects, no consensus exists a measure of consumption that is safe, why should leave during pregnancy.

As for children's dental hygiene, we must consider that children acquire sufficient motor skills to brush properly over nine years. Before that, children need help (although we may not allow us to wash their teeth), as they tend to not be able to rid itself plaque. Until then it is very positive to learn the habit of brushing teeth, because these customs remain for life. It is important to establish at least the habit of brushing at night (never go to bed without brushing your teeth).

Simple tooth pastes are valid if dental health is optimal. Children's pastas include bright colors, drawings, smells ... which function to motivate children to use.

There are children with policaries in baby teeth. This is important corresponding treatment and treat its causes to prevent them in permanent teeth. These cavities may affect the permanent teeth in certain cases. If decay occurs in a baby tooth it is essential for treatment would not come as a last resort to extraction. The dentist must assess whether it is more convenient to leave it or remove it.

The use of fluoride is effective topically (on the teeth) in consultation once every six months, especially when mixed dentition (baby teeth and permanent). It is important to avoid excessive fluoride because it causes brown pigmentation on teeth. Also, if the child gets fluoride in the consultation, you should not receive at school and vice versa. On the other hand we must keep in mind that drinking water also has certain concentration of fluoride, depending on location. When the child gets fluoride is important not to eat anything for the next hour, much less milk for the next 8 or 12 hours as fluorine binds to calcium in milk and eliminated so would not help us effect .

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